Does this website look broken? I’m redesigning in the open!

Hello, I’m Martin Wright, a friendly designer based in Shrewsbury in the UK. I’m a web designer with over ten years’ experience building websites for varied clients and industries. I make websites that work well and look beautiful on screens large and small.

I’ve had various roles in the web industry, and have had the pleasure of working with some diverse clients like the University of Oxford, the WWF and the RNIB. I believe the web should be used for social good and that’s the kind of work I like to do.

I was born in Reading but spent my teenage years in Perth, Western Australia before moving back to the UK and settling in Shrewsbury. I dabbled in web design during college, throwing together websites for bands which gave me a taste for the immediacy of making things on the internet.

I took Computer Science at University, where I became interested in human-computer interaction and user interface design. My web skills helped me develop this interest, and helped me write my dissertation computer aided learning and video game reward systems.

After university I talked my way into a web development job for my local council, where I learnt the benefit of rapid prototyping in a ‘demo or die’ culture. After being promoted to Web Team Leader I pushed the department to work in a more open and transparent way, starting a team blog and a public prototype of a new Happily the team have continued to develop this work and I follow it closely.

The work my team and I did at Shropshire was well received in the industry and on the back of this I landed a job at Torchbox, where I worked for a wide range of clients on some challenging and exciting projects.

Now I work for mySociety, where I design in-house products and projects for citizens and democratic groups around the world.

I live in Shrewsbury with my gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters. I like punk-rock, video games and the films of Wes Anderson. In my free time you can find me running, up a mountain on my bike, or watching Star Wars with the kids. Again.

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