Martin Wright – Web Designer from Shrewsbury

About me

Hello, I’m Martin Wright, a friendly designer based in Shrewsbury in the UK.

I’m a web designer with nearly two decades experience building websites for many different clients and industries. I make websites that work well and look beautiful on screens large and small.

I work in the exciting field of civic technology, and I believe design is a critical part of making people powerful, and making impact on their local area.

I’ve had various roles in the web industry, from running whole teams to being the sole in-house designer, and have had the pleasure of working with some diverse clients like the University of Oxford, the WWF and the RNIB.

I was born in Reading but spent my teenage years in Perth, Western Australia before moving back to the UK and settling in Shrewsbury.

I dabbled in web design during college, throwing together websites for bands which gave me a taste for the immediacy of making things on the internet. I took Computer Science at University, where I became interested in human-computer interaction and user interface design. My web skills helped me develop this interest, and helped me write my dissertation computer aided learning and video game reward systems.

After university I talked my way into a web development job for my local council, where I learnt the benefit of rapid prototyping in a ‘demo or die’ culture. After being promoted to Web Team Leader I pushed the department to work in a more open and transparent way, starting a team blog and a public prototype of a new Happily the team have continued to develop this work and I follow it closely.

The work my team and I did at Shropshire was well received in the industry and on the back of this I landed a job at Torchbox, where I worked for a wide range of clients on some challenging and exciting projects.

Now I work for mySociety, where I design in-house products and projects for citizens and democratic groups around the world.

I live in Shrewsbury with my wife, two daughters and an antisocial cat. I like punk-rock, video games and the films of Wes Anderson. In my free time you can find me lifting weights, playing basketball, or losing whole afternoons to Lego with the kids.