1. Complexity is killing the web

    Nowadays, I find the web looking more and more like my days as a frustrated software developer. We’ve got preprocessors, package managers, build tools, CLI tools and frameworks built on frameworks

  2. A review of Ikea’s Bekant Standing Desk

    For the money, the Ikea Bekant standing desk is a great choice for any workspace. It looks smart, the mechanics feel right and the range of heights is massive.

  3. The Martian

    Yesterday, I started reading The Martian and today I finished it. It’s been over a five years since I last successfully read a fiction book end-to-end, which shows just how much it grabbed me.

  4. How I use Evernote to simplify packing for going away

    Packing for trips away was always a last-minute flurry of throwing stuff into a bag. After forgetting some key items, I developed a little system to make packing easier

  5. Simply Secure: A brand and website in four short weeks

    This month at mySociety we helped the folks at Simply Secure launch their new company

  6. Two-dimensional arrays and Liquid

    For the (R)evolution conference site this year I’m using Mixture’s models to manage our speaker data

  7. Things I want to test

    Is a user’s name a good enough label for a ‘manage account’ button?

  8. Why the Memory Palace is my favourite podcast

    The Memory Palace is a history podcast masterfully delivered by host Nate DiMeo.