After a long hiatus I’m back, and the site redesign, (can I call it that? Being it’s two years…) is happening.

I’ve started exploring layouts for larger screens, I’ve updated my about page, thanks to a not so recent job change and I’ve started populating the long neglected ‘work’ section, although you’ll notice that’s very much in progress (don’t look at the index page, enjoy how some projects will have screenshots, others won’t yet).

In life news, yes, I had a job change, ending my long stint at mySociety, and joining government consultancy giants Futuregov, or as they now choose to be known: (they changed their name days before I joined, I’m trying not to take it personally) TPXimpact (and I thought I’d left complicated case based names behind me!), but in possibly even bigger news, not content with the number of mouths we have to feed, we got a puppy.

Site redesign will continue, who knows how long before the next update, 2 weeks? 3 years? A decade?!