1. On failure

    It’s an unpopular opinion at the moment but I think failure is a good thing.

  2. Planet Money makes a t-shirt

    NPR’s Planet Money podcast make a t-shirt and follow it around the world

  3. A great carousel alternative

    Here’s a beautiful little touch on the new 8 Faces site I’m a big fan of

  4. Getting headings right

    When marking up web pages I often struggle balancing the styling of headings against making my document outline correct, earlier this week I think I solved my problem

  5. A disturbing portrait of modern life

    This is getting out of hand

  6. Mike Monteiro gets it

    For design to be truly great, it needs to be built into your projects from the very beginning.

  7. Design is Sport

    I’ve started posting my bookmarks and interesting links to a Tumblr – Design is Sport.

  8. Not feeling so social

    In the past few months my love affair with Twitter has become uneasy and irritating, like sand still in my shoes hours after the beach.