1. Elodie

    Today our second daughter Elodie was born and our small family is complete. The second time round is different in so many ways, I’m starting to think that Donna is superhuman.

  2. Goodbye Torchbox

    Friday is my last day at Torchbox.

  3. Iteration doesn’t mean getting better every time

    Iterating on something, whether it be a product, a design or a process doesn’t mean getting better every time

  4. I’m speaking at Oxford Geek Nights

    Next Wednesday (7th August 2013) I’ll be talking at Oxford Geek Nights. My microslot talk is called ‘Designing without data’ and yes, I started with the title and worked backwards.

  5. On Medium

    I put my Medium invite to work this weekend, I’d heard about the writing interface beforehand so wanted to take it for a spin. I’m genuinely surprised to find how well designed it is and just how well it works. I can’t wait to write my next post.

  6. I’m in .net magazine

    A few months ago I was invited by .net magazine to take part in their monthly build-off challenge. The task was to design a homepage for a hypothetical independent cinema.

  7. My broken process

    One of the highlights for me at this year’s New Adventures conference was Jason Santa Maria. His talk ‘The Nimble Process’, struck a chord with me because I have struggled to come to terms with my own changing process.

  8. You should (sometimes) work for free

    Web design and development services are expensive and out of reach for small charities and non-profit organisations, pro-bono work is a great way to use your skills for a good cause.