1. A List Apart redesigns

    A List Apart launches a striking new design and tweaked format built on a principle that was a major part of my site’s redesign.

  2. A new website

    Seven months after starting I’ve launch a new portfolio site, here’s a writeup of what I did and why I did it.

  3. JFLI

    I’m sticking to my self-imposed deadline and launching my new site tonight.

  4. Moving on

    At new year I decided 2012 would be the year I would move on from local government, but at the time I had no idea what that would mean.

  5. Planning a new portfolio

    I’m at a stage where I’ve got loads of new work to add to my portfolio but I don’t want to add them to this site, so I’m planning a rebuild from the ground up. In the four years since I’ve had this site the web has changed a lot and so have I. I’m working out what I want from a new site at the moment.

  6. I am still blogging

    I am guilty once again of neglecting this blog but have a good excuse for once. I’m having all my blogging mojo consumed by Project WIP while we work on a project to redesign shropshire.gov.uk.

  7. Mac and Cheese

    This recipe is awesome.

  8. When we build

    We’re not just making pretty interfaces, we’re actually in the process of building an environment where we’ll spend most of our time for the rest of our lives. We’re the designers. We’re the builders. Spine tingling stuff from Wilson Miner’s Build 2011 talk.