The Memory Palace is a history podcast masterfully delivered by host Nate DiMeo.

The stories are lovingly crafted. They are often spooky, often heartbreaking, but it’s over so quickly I’m left wanting more. Nate’s delivery is perfect, and the control he has over you throughout the podcast is incredible. By the end Nate lifts the atmosphere, revealing the ending, often with a wry observation. It’s like waking up from a dream.

Nate often brings a deeply personal dimension to these tales, relating events to his own life and family, or our modern lives. He makes the content so relatable it sticks with me long after listening.

There’s much to learn from the way The Memory Palace is produced.

Episode are short, often less than five minutes, but within the constraints of those short minutes nothing is wasted. As simple as possible, but no simpler.

Less is more, but it makes the value of every piece greater. All the parts have to come together harmoniously, and when they do it will seem like a natural arrangement, but mistakes or sloppiness will stand out

Finally, a personal touch, included with care, makes a connection with your audience that raw content can’t.