1. Complexity is killing the web

    Nowadays, I find the web looking more and more like my days as a frustrated software developer. We’ve got preprocessors, package managers, build tools, CLI tools and frameworks built on frameworks

  2. Simply Secure: A brand and website in four short weeks

    This month at mySociety we helped the folks at Simply Secure launch their new company

  3. Things I want to test

    Is a user’s name a good enough label for a ‘manage account’ button?

  4. Why the Memory Palace is my favourite podcast

    The Memory Palace is a history podcast masterfully delivered by host Nate DiMeo.

  5. Planet Money makes a t-shirt

    NPR’s Planet Money podcast make a t-shirt and follow it around the world

  6. A great carousel alternative

    Here’s a beautiful little touch on the new 8 Faces site I’m a big fan of

  7. Mike Monteiro gets it

    For design to be truly great, it needs to be built into your projects from the very beginning.

  8. Design is Sport

    I’ve started posting my bookmarks and interesting links to a Tumblr – Design is Sport.

  9. Iteration doesn’t mean getting better every time

    Iterating on something, whether it be a product, a design or a process doesn’t mean getting better every time

  10. I’m speaking at Oxford Geek Nights

    Next Wednesday (7th August 2013) I’ll be talking at Oxford Geek Nights. My microslot talk is called ‘Designing without data’ and yes, I started with the title and worked backwards.