1. Complexity is killing the web

    Nowadays, I find the web looking more and more like my days as a frustrated software developer. We’ve got preprocessors, package managers, build tools, CLI tools and frameworks built on frameworks

  2. Simply Secure: A brand and website in four short weeks

    This month at mySociety we helped the folks at Simply Secure launch their new company

  3. Two-dimensional arrays and Liquid

    For the (R)evolution conference site this year I’m using Mixture’s models to manage our speaker data

  4. Getting headings right

    When marking up web pages I often struggle balancing the styling of headings against making my document outline correct, earlier this week I think I solved my problem

  5. My broken process

    One of the highlights for me at this year’s New Adventures conference was Jason Santa Maria. His talk ‘The Nimble Process’, struck a chord with me because I have struggled to come to terms with my own changing process.

  6. You should (sometimes) work for free

    Web design and development services are expensive and out of reach for small charities and non-profit organisations, pro-bono work is a great way to use your skills for a good cause.

  7. Responsive videos – problem solved

    Chris Coyier and Paravel have joined forces and written jQuery plugin called FitVids to solve the biggest challenge with responsive design: embedded videos.

  8. How to target CSS at specific browsers

    Rogie King just posted this fantastic code snippet to help target CSS at specific browsers, even specific versions of browsers. Certainly a new tool for the kit of any web designer. Check it out.

  9. WordPress: Get all posts excluding certain tags

    This is something I do in almost every WordPress theme I create, yet whenever I come to do it I can never remember how. I’m hoping that writing it down will help me remember.
    To get all posts, except those with certain tags, you have to use the function ‘tag__not_in()’.

  10. Trying something new: our wedding website

    Much to Donna’s surprise, I’ve finished and launched our wedding website. Recently I’ve been collecting things I really want to try out but I’ve been waiting for the right project to come along. Seeing as a website for our wedding is about as personal as projects get, now is the time to buckle down and have some fun.