1. Simply Secure: A brand and website in four short weeks

    This month at mySociety we helped the folks at Simply Secure launch their new company

  2. Design is Sport

    I’ve started posting my bookmarks and interesting links to a Tumblr – Design is Sport.

  3. Goodbye Torchbox

    Friday is my last day at Torchbox.

  4. I’m speaking at Oxford Geek Nights

    Next Wednesday (7th August 2013) I’ll be talking at Oxford Geek Nights. My microslot talk is called ‘Designing without data’ and yes, I started with the title and worked backwards.

  5. On Medium

    I put my Medium invite to work this weekend, I’d heard about the writing interface beforehand so wanted to take it for a spin. I’m genuinely surprised to find how well designed it is and just how well it works. I can’t wait to write my next post.

  6. I’m in .net magazine

    A few months ago I was invited by .net magazine to take part in their monthly build-off challenge. The task was to design a homepage for a hypothetical independent cinema.

  7. A List Apart redesigns

    A List Apart launches a striking new design and tweaked format built on a principle that was a major part of my site’s redesign.

  8. A new website

    Seven months after starting I’ve launch a new portfolio site, here’s a writeup of what I did and why I did it.

  9. JFLI

    I’m sticking to my self-imposed deadline and launching my new site tonight.

  10. Moving on

    At new year I decided 2012 would be the year I would move on from local government, but at the time I had no idea what that would mean.