1. A review of Ikea’s Bekant Standing Desk

    For the money, the Ikea Bekant standing desk is a great choice for any workspace. It looks smart, the mechanics feel right and the range of heights is massive.

  2. The Martian

    Yesterday, I started reading The Martian and today I finished it. It’s been over a five years since I last successfully read a fiction book end-to-end, which shows just how much it grabbed me.

  3. New Adventures in Web Design

    Last week I attended New Adventures in Web Design 2011, and I wanted to write a few thoughts about the day. Instead of a blow-by-blow account I’m going to share what I thought made this conference so special, and why I will be attending again.

  4. Passive learning with podcasts

    If like me you spend a large chunk of your day reading to keep up with the web industry you probably find there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through everything you want to. Over the last few years I have started using podcasts as a way to keep up to speed with […]

  5. Mac App Store and license transfers

    The Mac App Store launched today to much fanfare, bringing with it the first apps available for purchase and download. There is fair amount of launch day content (although Espresso is currently absent, which will be my first purchase) including Twitter for Mac. It’s not all great though, as it turns out there is no¬†way […]

  6. Fever, a Review

    RSS has always been a technology that never really fit right with me, until recently I was happy using tabbed bookmarks to fire up my 65+ sites of daily reading, letting them load for 5 minutes or so and then clicking through.