1. Things I want to test

    Is a user’s name a good enough label for a ‘manage account’ button?

  2. On Medium

    I put my Medium invite to work this weekend, I’d heard about the writing interface beforehand so wanted to take it for a spin. I’m genuinely surprised to find how well designed it is and just how well it works. I can’t wait to write my next post.

  3. The ‘Did you mean…’ approach to form validation

    We’re all familiar with Google’s ‘did you mean…’ feature when you accidentally misspell a search term; could the same approach work for some gentle validation on data inputs?

  4. This has to stop

    Surely there is a better way to judge customer satisfaction than an intrusive, distracting pop-up window that demands my attention? If you do get me to fill out your satisfaction survey I will be biased because you have asked for it so arrogantly. You can’t rely on the results you get if you’ve annoyed your […]

  5. Google Instant

    Google have started rolling out Google Instant, a new feature of their search engine today. Once enabled Google Instant performs your search and begins fetching results as you type, something that has to be experienced. I like it, but it will take some getting used to.

  6. Dear HSBC

    Dear HSBC,

    Saving for a wedding means I’ve been checking my various internet banking accounts quite often, and although yours is one of the better ones, there’s something that’s been bothering me. You see, when I get to your homepage, I have to click through to log-in on a separate page. How about shortening my journey slightly?

  7. Fix your RSS

    Dear website owners, if you don’t put all of your content in your RSS feeds, I’m not seeing it. Since I found the RSS reader for me, my use of RSS has ballooned, and I rarely visit your website any more.

  8. Usability Crimes

    I don’t want to be too mean to Amazon. I accept they run a massive website, and I can’t begin to imagine the design challenges they have to overcome. That said…

  9. Why Context Matters Most For Local Government

    After reading Paul Boag‘s article on context (Content is Dead, Long Live Context) I started to consider how much a user’s context should affect the way local authorities deliver certain services.

  10. Usability Crimes

    Occasionally, in my capacity as a web user I spot things so terrible, so badly thought out and so downright arrogant it makes me sad. Below is one such thing…