One of the highlights for me at this year’s New Adventures conference was Jason Santa Maria describing how his process had changed following the shift to responsive web design.

His talk ‘The Nimble Process’, struck a chord with me because I have struggled to come to terms with my own changing process. What I had before; a simple, linear journey through a project had become a messy, unpredictable process; where deliverables would vary widely between projects, often done in different orders, different ways, and sometimes not at all.

It was good to hear that he had struggled with the same problems but what struck me is how he had arrived at a different conclusion to me. What I saw as struggling with an unclear, changing process yet to stabilise, he saw as a new way of working.

Deliverables should change per project, our old A-B-C-D route is unsuitable for modern web design. This wasn’t clear overnight so naturally the process has changed gradually and what’s emerging is a more malleable, adaptable workflow which responds better to the needs of the client and their users.

I know some people don’t like process talks, they can result in a room full of people nodding their heads and smiling while someone tells them things they already know but I don’t think Jason’s talk could have come at a better time.

To me this illustrates the way your outlook can frame your situation, my perception of my process being broken wasn’t wrong; I was just looking at it from the wrong angle. Where I saw mess and uncertainty, I should have seen new opportunities for fluidity and agility.

If my broken process is how things are now that that’s great news, because while arriving at the process has felt unruly and messy, the work I’ve been outputting has got better, clients have got happier and I’ve found web design more rewarding.