If like me you spend a large chunk of your day reading to keep up with the web industry you probably find there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through everything you want to. Over the last few years I have started using podcasts as a way to keep up to speed with our industry and to entertain myself during downtime.

Podcasts have become a staple of my weekly routine, I find they are the best way to use those hours of the day I spend travelling to work, driving or doing household chores to do something positive.

I listen to a wide range of podcasts and below is a small list of some of my favourites:

Web Industry

Boagworld: An excellent podcast for anyone “designing, developing or running websites on a daily basis”. It is about to go through a big format change but the 200+ show archive is still available.

Think Vitamin Radio: A bi-weekly podcast from the guys at Carsonified delivering industry news, interviews and case studies. They cover everything from web design to web business so most people will find something of interest

The Big Web Show: Industry veterans Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman interview a different guest each week, topics range from web standards to the publishing industry. I’ve found this show so interesting, particularly when they discuss the historical web industry.

General Interest

Stuff You Should Know: Howstuffworks.com‘s flagship podcast. Josh Clark and Charles W. ‘Chuckers’ Bryant walk you through some well chosen topics and themes.

This American Life: If you are going to pick one podcast make sure this is it. Absolutely fascinating topics, brilliantly produced and it’s impossible not to like the host Ira Glass.

Radiolab: This popular science podcast is terrifically produced and the topics and themes are riveting. One of my favourites, full length shows are infrequent but when they publish them they are pure gold.

Answer Me This: Very British, a new one for me although it’s been going for ages. Helen, Olly and Martin the sound man answer listener questions. Very funny and really easy to listen to.

Bonus – Gaming

Gaming podcasts are a guilty pleasure for me, although I can’t file them under passive learning.

Bombcast: A weekly podcast from the guys at giantbomb.com. They are all veterans of videogame journalism and really know their stuff, one of my week’s highlights.

Got any shows to recommend? Let me know in the comments.