When I was eleven I was part of a group of friends who would go to the school library at lunch time to make comics. My job was to do the lettering for the speech bubbles and make the covers. I did this by tracing the letters out of my growing collection of lettering books.

When I was fifteen I started playing in rock bands, whenever we put on shows it was my job to design the posters. I did this using a school library computer and Microsoft Publisher. I would trawl the internet for pictures to use and build the poster around them.

When I was seventeen I realised late on Sunday night I had a college assignment due the next day, the brief was to present part of your life in a mixed-media format. Most kids had made videos and presentations, I had no idea what to do, so had spent to allotted time procrastinating. Out of desperation I fired up Microsoft Frontpage for the first time and stayed up most of the night making a website about how to learn to play the drums, I handed it in, on time, on a floppy disc.

Today I realised that’s what I do for a living.