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FixMyStreet Accounts

One of the hardest challenges to solve when working on FixMyStreet was getting users to give the personal information that many local authorities require to make a valid fault report.

Lead designer
FixMyStreet Accounts

Balancing the user need of just wanting to get their report done, with the business need of wanting to know the personal details of who submitted the fault, so that the engineer can contact them for further information, or so it can be logged against a customer record in a CRM required a lot of thought, discussion and compromises.

Over several iterations we redesigned the process of logging a fault for the first time, and gently asking for personal information, without discouraging the user and abandoning the service with door-slam style login screens, or making them register first.

We arrived at solution that explains the benefits of having an account (remembering your details and being able to follow up your reports) and uses several, now common, conventions such as logging in via a magic link, two factor authentication and matching reports with accounts via an email address.

We created and tested these changes in prototypes first, then introduced the changes piecemeal on the site, measuring and testing some key metrics as we went to ensure we didn’t adversely affect the user-first approach FixMyStreet has become loved for.