Does this website look broken? I’m redesigning in the open!

FixMyStreet Mobile

When FixMyStreet was first envisioned, smartphones were a pipe dream, and even stable, fast mobile internet was years away, so it's easy to imagine how as the site aged it became a slightly 'rough around the edges' experience for mobile users.

Lead designer
FixMyStreet Mobile

Having made the strategic decision to focus on a mobile-first web experience, rather than maintaining a separate app (soon to be sun-setted), we decided to make long overdue improvements to the site.

I led a user experience project to design and test changes to the site that would benefit users with devices that support touch interfaces, and have typically smaller screens.

We started with a product vision of a completely redesigned experience for mobiles, which we built out testing in Figma. Once we were happy we split changes up into logically separate features that we could roll out as small changes, measuring and testing as we went to ensure we hadn’t adversely affected the service.

Using Apple and Microsoft’s UI guidelines, and the Government Digital Services’ best practice advice we made several changes, including larger touch-targets, a ‘one thing per page’ workflow, more logical ordering and taking advantage of device native functionality, such as auto location.

This resulted in a greatly improved user experience, not just on small screen touch devices, but for users with larger screens, accessibility needs and novice and expert users alike.