Does this website look broken? I’m redesigning in the open!


My first task as mySociety's first full-time designer was to create a look and feel that would unite their huge suite of products under a familiar and reassuring brand.


A multi-year project, we began with the charity’s own website, where we formed the basis of what would eventually become a design system (before design systems were an established web design staple).

We used the established rainbow logo as a basis for the design, eventually settling on the dominant colours, supported by a warm set of neutrals and cooler darks creating an approachable, human atmosphere, reflecting the charities own user centred approach to projects.

Supporting this was a typographical treatment based around Source Sans, a soft but lightly authoritative typeface that is easy to read and incredibly versatile at a wide range of sizes, including a supersize headline style we used liberally across the site.

The design of the site, and the subsequent design system has developed through various iterations over the years, but the primary design elements remain to this day.