Does this website look broken? I’m redesigning in the open!


TheyWorkForYou has become one of the most important websites for people who want to keep up with what's going on in Parliament, journalists, campaigners and surprisingly parliament's own staff.


The redesign had three goals: to road-test the new mySociety unified look and feel, to make the site more appealing to political novices, and finally to visually differentiate it from Parliaments’ own hansard website (to reduce unwanted contacts from members of the public, but also to increase donations to the site, that is run on a charitable basis).

With myself leading on the look and feel and UX changes, a huge reworking of the sites’ content took place under the supervision of a content designer, which meant we were able to propose big changes and challenge some of the assumptions of the site when it was first launched, in the early 2000s.

The redesign brought a new homepage, designed to explain the purpose of the site, present topical relevant content and give first time users a thread to follow into the deeper pages. A complete redesign of the MP profile pages, with new information architecture giving more context and information about how what your MP does affects the nation. Lastly enhanced social sharing features, which supports one of the biggest uses of the site, sharing MPs voting records when they are in the news for one reason or another.