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TICTeC, mySocietys’ esteemed international research conference looking at Civic Technology and Tech for Good, began with a small pilot event in London.

I was tasked with creating a brand that referenced mySociety’s own brand but was separate enough that should the pilot fail, little to no damage would be inflicted on the reputation.

We took the same colours and type treatment used for mySociety’s brand and applied them differently, for example more use of capitals, less variety in type size and using purple as the primary colour, supported by more conservative use of the supporting pallette.

As much of TICTeC’s branding would be produced in print and on merchandise, I design several versions of the logo to work in single colour, two colour and various other printing contexts.

TICTeC went on to be a wildly successful event, spanning multiple years, formats (include a local government version, and a COVID-friendly online format) and is held in high regard by members of the civic tech community, drawing sponsorship from the biggest names in tech and featuring prominent speakers from across the political and tech world.

As the event evolves to keep up with a changing world, so does the brand, resting on a solid foundation I’m proud to have helped create.