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Bin collection for many people is the first and sometimes only point of contact with their local council. For Bromley there were many opportunities for both an improved user experience and to save the council money.


Built around an integration with Veolia’s back office and in-cab system, we designed the service with real user needs in mind. We designed an extensible, flexible front end, able to facilitate basic needs, like finding out when your bins are due to be collected, through to complex problem reports, such as arranging an assisted collection, reporting a missed bin, or reporting damage to a vehicle by a bin lorry.

From a custom built service for Bromley, we then adapted the service to be loosely coupled and able to accept data from many different back-office systems and any local authority’s own branded front end.

The system has since been extended, giving us a chance to test our early design choices, to include paid-for services, such as bulky waste collections and green garden waste collections.