Hey look! My stylesheets are all gone, WordPress is gone, some of my poorly written blog posts are gone too.

I’ve had this website well over a decade, during which I’ve finished and launched four redesigns, and in the seven years since the last one, started and abandoned countless others. So, in the hope it will motivate me to see this one through to the end I’m redesigning in the open.

Since the very first post of mynameismartin.com my life has changed, I’ve got married, had two kids, bought a house, had a few nervous breakdowns, and adopted a rather mean cat. So here I am with far less free time, less money, and less desire to make something 100% perfect before I show anyone. I’ve got a job I love, in a sector I’m passionate about and the purpose I had the site in the first place; to help me get a job, has long since been fulfilled.

I want my personal site to be a record of my work, a place to put the occasional blog post and hastily post low-effort brain dumps. With this in mind I’m going to chip away at this for the next few months and do my best to document it as I go. Let’s see if this works eh?