So, redesigning in the open… how’s that going?

Amidst a pandemic lockdown, panic buying, over-exercising, over-drinking, and under-parenting I’ve decided to redesign my site. Progress has been… stuttery.

Looking through my Github commits and editorialising it can be summarised thus:

  • I’ve set up basic typographic hierarchy, I’ve not put a lot of thought into it, but I’ve gone with what feels right, in line with principle #2
  • I’ve deployed very basic, tidy versions of the blog and work index pages
  • I’ve added an RSS feed. Remember those?!
  • I’ve put back in my logo, which I’ve tweaked slightly for now, but I may well redesign entirely, after 10+ years it’s beginning to look a little tired.
  • I’ve added dark mode support! Although I might remove it, or add a toggle feature. It’s never good to make assumptions of a person’s preference without giving them the opportunity to override it.

Truthfully, most of this work has been fiddling around the edges while avoiding the real meat of the website; the content.

Life is busy at the moment, balancing homeschool, work, chores, and everything else is tricky and it has been hard to find the time for much else once I’ve done the bare minimum. I’m not making excuses, but I’m sure in five years when I come back to this I’ll appreciate having left myself some explanation.

Sorry, future self.